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custom wood furniture by Peter Walsh
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Antiques of the Future


Arbutus Bench
with Arrow shaped back slats


Tall Hall Table
Yew & Western Maple


African Mahogany Table

Built to last for generations, your furniture will be handcrafted to suit your style. Choose from fine local BC woods such as maple, fir or alder or other woods such as pine, cherry, or oak, or more exotic wood such as mahogany or teak.

A fine piece of well made furniture, as beautiful as it is functional, will be cherished and proudly handed down to become a part of your family history.

Custom-built or ready-made limited editions available from the New Heritage Fine Furniture studio workshop in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. With over 40 years experience as a furniture maker and woodworker, I use traditional joinery techniques to produce quality pieces in a variety of styles and woods.

“A well made piece of furniture should be cherished and live forever.”

In this age of mass production and the throw-away lifestyle, people have lost the sense of old fashioned quality. It’s time we turned back to valuing beautiful things that are crafted with care and attention to detail; furniture that is worth handing down to future generations.

Call 250-474-4042 or email me if you need more information or would like to discuss a project. PETER WALSH, Victoria, BC

I am a member of the Vancouver Island Woodworkers' Guild and The Furniture Society and have shown my work in the Stinking Fish Studio tour from 2001 to 2007.

Although I generally make furniture, I was commissioned to build these particular screen doors for Robin Hopper and Judi Dyelle of 'Chosin Pottery. We collaborated on a design which was in keeping with their particular styles, the show room and the garden beyond. The doors are constructed of Cedar and Black Bamboo. Some time after the doors were installed, 'Chosin Pottery was visited by American Style magazine and this photo was taken for their cover. The second picture, taken by Judi Dyelle, is included in a slideshow on their website.
MAGAZINE_COVER.jpg       BambooDoorscopy.jpg